Friday, November 28

As we approach the end of November, I'm getting impatient. VERY impatient. I just want to get moving. I know that the 2 year mark is looming over us, so I guess I'm just anxious to give it one more try before we hit that milestone.

Oh, and if you want to see the movie "Four Christmases", don't read on....

The past few days have been a little tough. We had a great Thanksgiving (I hope everyone else did, too!!) but I think it's just my impatience setting in. I've been on edge about everything. Every little question, decision... you name it... sent me on the verge of tears. I cried while watching "Four Christmases" today... because there were two babies in the movie and because at the end, after NOT WANTING kids the whole movie, the main characters decide "Why not?" and then "one year later" pops up and there they are... with their happy baby in their arms. Ugh.

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Morrisa said...

I am a very impatient person too so I know exactly how you feel. I know the holiday season is tough...hang in there..