Monday, November 10

Things are looking up!!!! :)

Today was a fantabulous day at school and to make things better, tomorrow is Veteran's Day so I have no school!! Woohoo! Then, Wednesday is a 1/2 day for conferences (though I only have one scheduled for the afternoon- the rest are all in a week or so). Friday night I'm babysitting, Saturday AM I'm getting my hair cut, Monday I have a conference to go to all day (no no kiddies for me!)... then the following week is Thanksgiving, so I have a 1/2 day Wednesday and no school the rest of the week!

I am very much looking forward to the next few weeks. Plus, I just generally love this time of year!

Tomorrow is *hopefully* the last blood draw for this crazy, crazy cycle. Then it's only the waiting until we move on!! :)

So, I'm feeling good. And, really, I just LOVE days off. (But I do love my kiddies more than anyone can imagine--- they made me cry today from laughing so hard. And we made the coolest family trees today out of actual trees... :))

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