Sunday, November 2


Some of the most comforting words I have heard came from my mom today. Very matter-of-factly she said "This will all work out for you because you've gone through enough. And you don't need to go through any more."

So it was really nice to hear that. I hear the "it happens all the time" and "things happen for the reason"... which I know and believe... but it was nice to just hear that this SHOULDN'T be happening and it really isn't fair (for anyone).

But then my mom told me something kind of neat. My mom was born the day before (or maybe it was after) one of her grandmothers. My uncle was born before (or maybe it was after :P) one of their other grandmothers. My older brother, Jeff, was born the day before our grandmother. And my other two brothers were born within 2 weeks of my grandmother too. So if the "tradition" continues (obviously I'm the odd-ball not born near anyone...) then I'll have to get pregnant in December and have a September baby like my mom or get pregnant in January and have an October baby like Johnny's mom. :) And she was so certain and positive I couldn't help but be just as certain and positive. :)

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