Tuesday, November 11

The never ending blood draws...

I have come to the conclusion (over the past 2 years) that there are 3 types of phlebotomists.

First you have the nice, gentle phlebotomist who is terrified of hurting you. Therefore, they go very gently and are often very nervous. ONce the needle is in, if the blood doesn't flow, they immediately take the needle out. This very often results in two... three... four blood draw attempts. They switch arms, feel your veins A LOT and end up passing you off to a less nervous nurse.

Second you have the type who is awesome at what they do. They tourniquet you, feels your veins for a minute, then wipe you down with alcohol and gently insert the needle. They always give you the little grippy thing to make sure your veins are giving them the best possible showing. They are less nervous than the first so they almost always get it on the 1st try. Just like that.

Third, you have the phlebotomist who is all business. They tourniquet you, wipe you down without feeling for anything, and then just jab you with the needle. This is the one who, without fail, has to move the needle around in your arm. Only after you flinch or let out a little sound do they ask "Are you okay?" to which you always answer yes in the hopes they'll find the vein soon and end the torture.

I've come to figure out which nurses are which at RSC. I know the nervous ones from the ones that induce torture from the ones who always get it first try without the pain. So it's always kind of a let down when I get 1 or 3. I know with 1 I will end up looking like swiss cheese and will have to update my "Needles" count by about 4. And I know with 3 I will end up with a nasty bruise and a nagging pain in my arm.

And that's what I got today. Ouch. :) But I'm hoping that this is the last draw until the beginning of the next cycle! :)

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