Saturday, November 15

The last few days have been perfectly uneventful.

School is going well. I love my kids more and more as each day passes. At the beginning of the year I wasn't so sure about this group-- they seemed more "distant" (I don't think that is the word to explain it properly...) and I just didn't think I would love them as much as last year. However, that is definitely not the case anymore. I still miss my K's from last year, but I love these kids. They make me laugh so much-- occasionally to the point that I actually start crying which they think is even more hilarious.

I babysat Friday night. They said they'd be home early... they got home at 1:15am. I had a hair appointment scheduled with my mom at 9am... over an hour away from where I live. So, instead of going back to my apartment and driving down in the AM after I woke up, I just drove straight down here after babysitting. I got in after 2:30, but I felt amazingly refreshed when I woke this morning.

The rest of the day has just been hanging around, spending the money I got babysitting, and generally just relaxing. While I'm here the hubster is in NH visiting his cousin. Something about fantasy football and going head-to-head... guy stuff I don't care to understand. :)

And to end on a happy note (not that any of this was unhappy...) I just heard from my friend (the IVF one... I'm going to call her M from now on to stop referring to her as my IVF friend...I'm just cautious to use her name incase someone I know stumbles upon this...). Anyways, I just heard from M and she said that she's ready to try IVF again in January! I am so incredibly excited/happy/optimistic for her. I just hope and pray and wish and all that everything will work out for her. She will be an incredible mother. So I'm sending my good wishes to her this time around. :)

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