Friday, January 28

This, That, and the Important

I am constantly amazed by how much more physically demanding this pregnancy has been than last time. And as I say that I realize that it might not be any more demanding but I have probably just forgotten from last time. (Kind of like forgetting the pain of labor and putting yourself through it again and again-- or so I hear... :) And I also realize that my achy-ness and tiredness is probably more likely linked to having a toddler while being pregnant than just being pregnant.

I'm 17 weeks 4 days today and I'm just so ready for a nap all the time. Everything from my belly button down just hurts. (I swear I'm not complaining... but saving this for posterity. :) I've already had massive leg cramps and I didn't get them last time! The hips and the back- ouch! And the belly? I LOVE IT and it's just there and my bellybutton is almost gone already! And it was still a partial-innie at 27 weeks last time! But really, aside from the part that I don't think I will fit into my maternity clothes much past 20 weeks, I am loving every second.

It feels like this is all going SO fast. I can't believe that I'm over 17 weeks pregnant. 17! Next week will be 18 and then 19 and then 20 and then... it's just passing without slowing. Then I remember that last time at 17w4d I was less than 6 weeks away from bedrest. And I get all panicky because I can't do bedrest again (COLBY!) but I was told today at my OB appt that bedrest is definitely on the horizon, though hopefully more preventative than rescue-minded. And I remember that we still need 2 cribs and names and a bathtub and diapers and... and... the list goes on and on!

And like I already said, I swear I'm not complaining, I just wish time would slow down so I could enjoy this time a little more, give Colby a few extra kisses, and get my butt in gear and figure out where these babies are going to sleep! I know it will all get done. And believe me, I know that not having a crib or a name when the babies are born or diapers is not the end of the world. I know there are SO many more important things, but it's nice to think about the not-so-important and to pretend that the important (like prematurity and viability vs. not) doesn't even exist.

Right now I'm pretty confident that these babies are coming home with me. I'm not saying they'll be in our car 4 days after their born (because I've been back to being told that C-Section will be it, which bums me out a bit, but again, not-so-important) or even 4 weeks after their born (though I sure hope so), but I do feel right now that they will be home with us eventually. (And neither will be in an urn.)

And for those of you who have asked-- we are not planning on finding out the sexes. The real test will be the anatomy scan in a week, but we're hoping to be surprised. And if we do get an accidental sneak, we're still keeping our lips sealed until the big day.

And today, Baby A or B measured at 162 bpm on the doppler. :) And I am about 99% sure that I'm feeling real movement now. I can't wait for it to become constant!


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Michele said...

Dont you love comment spam? :)

Sending hugs and hoping for happy, full term babiees...

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

I cant believe youre going to wait!! Youre brave. :) Also, cant wait to hear the names...oh, how I love baby names!

Will you stick with C's?