Tuesday, January 11

15 weeks

15w2d -- Jan 12, 2011
I tried to choose an outfit this time that I could wear the whole pregnancy so the changes would be noticeable, but I think the tank I wore last week must have been a maternity tank because this one isn't fitting nearly as well...

Tomorrow is already a snow day at school (yay!) so I know I won't get to the computer to do my weekly survey thing-a-ma-bob because I always do it at lunch and tomorrow I'll have Colby (yay again!). So a day early... and I'll try to add a picture tomorrow.

How far along? 15 weeks 2 days 15 weeks 1 day

Total weight gain/loss: About 3 pounds up. Though I swear this fluctuates daily.
5 or so up

Maternity clothes? Yes, my fabulous parents bought me me tons of maternity clothes. :) And I wear them happily.
I had a gift certificate from my brother and his girlfriend from Christmas so I went to Motherhood and spent it on a whole bunch of pants and a few shirts.

Stretch marks? I still maintain NO

Sleep: Back to school... I am SO tired.
Always exhausted- I need more and CANNOT wait to nap with Colby tomorrow.

Best moment this week: I got to relax like crazy last week. It was so nice. And our appointment last week was happily uneventful.
Living through the cerclage. And though I didn't get to see the ultrasound, because of my awkward position on the table, I was told that the babies both were super active and their heartrates were in the 130's the day of the procedure.

Movement: Not yet.
I think so every now and then

Food cravings: I still haven't really gotten an appetite yet. So, no. :)
Not really- I am not usually hungry yet.

Gender: Still thinking 2 girls.
I have no idea. At first I was sure a boy and a girl and then I thought two girls- and since this is exactly what happened last time, now I'm thinking it must be two boys.

Labor Signs: No
NO and I was still perfectly closed the day of the cerclage.

Belly Button in or out? Innie
It's already weird and on its way out.

What I miss: Nothing!
Sleep? But to get that I'd have to go back to before Colby....

What I am looking forward to: Tomorrow's appointment! Movement. And, though it's not pregnancy related, finishing my class!
Friday's appointment as reassurance that the stitch is perfect and the babies are still doing great.

Weekly Wisdom: Don't do too much at once! I am so worn out!

Milestones: Maternity clothes (they're so comfortable!)
Cerclage and I'm alive!

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