Wednesday, January 19

16 weeks 2 days

16w2d - Jan 19, 2011
How far along? 16 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: HA. Up a lot. I'm thinking... maybe 7 pounds? It still fluctuates, but I have officially gone where I have not seen my weight go before. A little scary, but also VERY cool. I'm just guessing... but probably 5-8lbs?

Maternity clothes? Yes. I am currently wearing a materinty top. Instead of wearing maternity pants, I decided to give my bella band a workout today. I hope it's up to the challenge. Always. It makes me laugh that at 16 weeks last time I could still use the Bella Band. There is no way that would work now.

Stretch marks? I still think no... but maybe faint puple lines are starting to form on the underside of my belly. Time for cocobutter perhaps? Amazingly no.

Sleep: Never enough. :) Usually 8-9 hours, but I wake up all achy all the time. I've been in bed at 9:30 the past 2 nights! So... 8 hours!

Best moment this week: The doctors appointment on Tuesday when we saw the little guys. Oh and the fabulous weekend away with my hubby! Friday's appointment was pretty good... the babies look great and they're growing evenly.

Movement: Not that I'm feeling! Maybe faint movement...?

Food cravings: Grapes! Grapes again. And then anything no good for me...

Gender: I guess 2 boys. :) I'm still not entirely sold on Baby B's sex though. I'm back to two girls for now.

Labor Signs: No No

Belly Button in or out? Innie Half and half

What I miss: Nothing!

What I am looking forward to: Feeling movement! School being out so I can just enjoy these guys and getting ready for their arrival! Movement for sure

Weekly Wisdom: If you're trying to keep the sexes secret from your dad, who does NOT want to know, do not allow your husband to send the ultrasound scan. He might write something like "Look at my son! He's as handsome as daddy already!" Kind of gives things away... ...

Milestones: Constant backaches and heartburn. :) Fabulous milestones, dontcha think? Oh, and we picked out the bedding and new paint colors. That's kind of neat. Just being here, I'd say!


Ashley said...

Hey Stacey! Sorry I don't get to comment much! I am keeping up with you though;) ((HU*GS))

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

I am dying to know what is inside that belly!!

My guess is 2 girls. :)