Saturday, January 8


Last night I came down with a fever and chills, so I called the on-call doctor at the hospital because I was worried that I was coming down with an infection due to the cerclage. She told me that it was probably just a bug that is going around. I was skeptical, but listened and took tylenol and then settled down to watch a movie. She's a genius because 3 hours later I lost all of my dinner. And continued to feel crappier and crappier... so that's where I am right now.

2 hours later Colby woke up crying and since we didn't get to him fast enough, he ended up vomiting all over himself. ALL.OVER.HIMSELF. (He does this if he's crying and then starts coughing, so luckily it doesn't happen too much.) Johnny is not good with vomit, so I had to get up and help clean Colby up-- which is really, really hard when you can't pick up the crying baby! But we did it. And then Colby desperately clung to me as he fell asleep. (He's a total Mama's Boy when he's tried or sick or hurt.) So we had a long night and Colby ended up in bed with us because he wouldn't go down when Johnny would put him down and I can't lift him or bend to put him down.

So... I'm tired. :)


Michele said...

Oh no Stacy!! I'm sorry!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Oh no! Ive been lucky enough to dodge being sick along with Trevor..but I know my day is coming.

Im glad the cerclage went well and youre all sewn up until summer time!!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Bless your hearts. I don't know how you do it all! I'm hoping you're all feeling better already!