Monday, January 3

Every little thing he does is magic...

Life is just so busy right. The blur of the holidays and a flurry of appointments and work... and well, life. It's enough to make me lose my head and make me want to crawl in bed.

But Colby keeps me grounded.

He's 17 months old and a ball full of energy. And he's perfect.

I stare at him at random times and get that tingly feeling of "I can't believe I'm his mother." Sometimes I have a hard time believing that I'm 26. That I'm not a kid anymore. (And sometimes I really can't believe that other parents trust me to educate their kids!)

But, oh, Colby. :) I am his mom and he is perfect. Did I say that already?

But because it's late, and that perfect kid will be up in a bit for some cuddle time I'm sure... we'll make this short and sweet.

1. He's a full-blown walker/runner. He's a bit clumsy though and takes a lot of spills into things. He's got a tough head though!

2. He LOVES shoes. He has 2 pairs of sneakers, a pair of Skidders, and a pair of rain boots. He'll grab a pair, walk over to you, drop them, plop himself on the floor or on your lap and stick out a foot.

3. KISSES! He's been giving kisses for a long time now, but he's now puckering up and making the "mmmm" kiss noise. Too cute and melts my heart every.single.time. And his hugs? To DIE for. But he saves those for the middle of the night and when he's getting told no and he's upset.

4. He's off the bottle now. I waited until 17 months because I thought it would be torture because he loves his bubba. He didn't care. At all. As long as he has milk in some form, he's as happy as a clam. The sippy cup is just fine.

5. He says mama, daddy, doggie, banana, bottle, milk, more, up, love, bread, birdie, book, bye bye, hi, baby, and sticker (because Johnny's goal is to teach him random words). I think there are more... but I can't think of them.

6. He signs milk, more, please, thank you, and birdie.

7. He's developing a temper. It's so cute though!

8. He is a sneak! This weekend we were at my brother's girlfriend's parent's house. Colby desperately wanted to get up the stairs. So he would give a "present" to someone (a book or random toy) and then, when they were distracted, he would make a beeline for the stairs!

9. He's a monkey. He will climb on anything. Chairs, tables, stools, stairs, tubs, safe deposit boxes. You name it, he's on it!

10. He's still a peanut... he's still in 12 month sizes, but I actually packed most of them away because he has so many cute 18 month clothes and most of the 12 month stuff is more short-sleeved summery things. And it's the dead of winter here! Size 4 diapers.

11. He's not a very good eater... I thought he was pretty good until we babysat a friend's daughter. She was like a vacuum whereas Colby takes only a few bites. He won't eat meat still, most pasta is touch-and-go, eggs and potatoes are a no-way, but he LOVES fruits and veggies. Carrots, green beans, peas, cucumbers, watermelon, bananas, apples, oranges, ... you name it, he loves it! I worry about protein a bit though.

12. He loved being in the snow for the first time last week!

13. He patted my stomach and said "baby" today. Ahhh... bliss.

14. Our house has become the Colby Palace and I love it. :)

15. Despite being obsessed with fruits and veggies, Colby has a mega-sweet tooth. He has been known to scale the kitchen chairs, crawl on to the table, dig through a basket, and find a bag of sour patch kids. And we may or may not have used them to bribe him during the difficult moments of our trip this past weekend.

16. He's very methodical. He's going to be an engineer...

17. He loves to dance. To anything. Anywhere. Any time. Except when we're trying to show off his dancing skills. Then he looks at us like we're crazy.

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Michele said...

What a cutie! Especially his pantless, shoed pictures!