Wednesday, January 5

14 weeks and other randomness

14 weeks 2 days
Unfortunately I didn't realize how see-through the shirt was...

Another week come and gone...

How far along? 14 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: Honestly, I don't know... I think about a pound, but I'll know for sure on Thursday morning when I go back in! :)
I was up about 5 pounds on Monday afternoon.

Maternity clothes? Yes! I got jeans and khakis and a bunch of shirts.
Yes, though I have to bulk up on my pants wardrobe! The jeans aren't working for school too much... I need to dress up a bit more.

Stretch marks? No- and I'm sticking to that!
Nothing new,.

Sleep: I'm not quite as tired as I've been! Yay for Trimester 2!
I am SO exhausted all the time. I would do almost anything for more sleep...

Best moment this week: I have a huge bump! :) Haha. And we learned that one of our best friends are due only a month after us!!!!! How cool is that?!?!
I'm still here and so are the babies, so that's good. :)

Movement: Not yet- though I am anxiously waiting!
I think flutters...

Food cravings: Not really right now.
I can't really stomach eating lately.

Gender: Still thinking 2 girls.
I think girls, but I thought girls last time too...

Labor Signs: No
No, and I'm so nervous that when I go in tomorrow they'll find a really short cervix or that the cerclage will send me into labor...

Belly Button in or out? Innie

What I miss: Nothing!
I love where I am

What I am looking forward to: Thursday's appointment, seeing Becky and Roy!!, enjoying vacation... things are just GOOD right now. :)
Being back in my own bed after the cerclage, knowing the stitch is good and the babies have an obstacle to get through!!

Weekly Wisdom: I don't know...

Milestones: Maternity clothes (they're so comfortable!)
No real milestone this week...

And so the cerclage. Is tomorrow. And I'm a little terrified- I'm not going to lie. I think I'm most worried about the spinal. When I had the Csection, I was told at about a half hour before I went in that I was going in and at that point I was in survival mode. (Up until then, natural was an option until we found that Colby had flipped AGAIN and was breech) So, I just grinned and took everything as it happened because my babies lives were on the line. This time? I have had a really long time to think about it and I am not looking forward to it. And then I'm scared that the cerclage is going to kick start labor or make me miscarry or something. I know the risk is minuscule, but then again, we've totally been against the odds since the very beginning here.

I find it interesting how different this pregnancy has already been. I know, I know... every pregnancy is different. BUT I didn't expect it to be this different. I popped way earlier... but that's because I was already stretched from the boys. But then there was horrible sickness for the beginning. With the boys I was only sick a handful of times, this time I was sick every night for a long time. And this time my car sick tendencies have dramatically increased too. And this time the ligament pain and back pain and inability to sleep comfortably hit about 4-6 weeks earlier than last time. And I'm constantly tired all the time. This is probably more Colby's fault, but I wasn't this exhausted last time. And this time I've already gone up 2 bra sizes which is crazy because I didn't go up at all last time- even after I had the boys and I was pumping constantly.

Oh well... I'm off to bed. :)


Michele said...

The cerclage isnt that bad- I promise. Some cramping and bleeding (so mentally not so hot) and the spinal... I dont even remember it that much). I'll be keeping you in prayer a lot the next few days :)

Jill said...

I have not had a cerclage, but know many women who have. Wishing you the best and I love the belly pic :)

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Youre belly is just the cutest thing.

I hope everything went great today. Keep those sweet babies cooking!