Thursday, April 30

Boys are Tough!

When we thought we were pregnant with girls, I immediately knew what I wanted to do with the nursery.  We had one name we were 100% sure on and quite a few others that we really liked, so names would be easy.

Now, thinking about boys... we have 1 name we both love and the other?  No idea really.  And today I spent too much time pouring over pictures and bedding sets online.  Found one we mostly like... but no immediate thoughts there.  

But you know what?  I'm sure it will be perfect.  These babies are just making me think a lot now!


Ashley said...

They say boys are a lot easier in the long run!! I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!! ((HUGS))

Dr.Rutledge said...

Hi Stace,

Congratulations on your conception and thank you for sharing your expreiences with infertility and pregnancy.

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