Monday, April 13


Another week come and gone...

How far along? 13 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: Up 1 pound! I think it's still the same...

Maternity clothes? Bella band and one maternity shirt. Unfortunately I can no longer button my "big" pants, SO I guess it will be off to to stores soon!

Stretch marks? I don't think so, but the other night Johnny oh-so-nicely said to me "You know how you keep answering "no" to stretch marks? I think you have to start answering "yes"." He claims I have some on my back, but I think he's crazy.

Sleep: Usually 9 hours. And naps occasionally. But even that is not enough! It would be plenty if I wasn't up every hour!

Best moment this week: We told lots of people, we did some hard-core looking at Babies R Us for double strollers (options are so limited!)... it's been a good week. :)

Movement: No!

Food cravings: Oh yes, they come and go. Johnny is so good about filling them, too!

Gender: I still think 2 girls. And we're going out on a limb and painting the nursery pink, so hopefully we're not completely wrong! (We need to choose a color for the painters before we move in and we both think they're girls, so we're taking a gamble!)

Labor Signs: Noooo

Belly Button in or out? Innie

What I miss: Nothing!

What I am looking forward to: Registry, the next appointment.

Weekly Wisdom: I've lost too many brain cells to be wise.

Milestones: 13 weeks!

And, really, I've been planning going to bed since I woke up this AM, SO you probably won't get a belly picture tonight because I plan on being sickeningly lazy tonight. :)


Sarah said...

Ohhhh thats a huge gamble. Dont want to go with a neutral color? A bit safer that way at least until you find out for sure....

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are going so well. That's great to hear! :-D I start my IVF very soon, and I love resorting to your story for a happy story. I love happy stories as they give me hope. :-D

Ashley said...

Love reading your weekly updates:) I would be soo scared painting the room pink are a BRAVE woman:)

ashley said...

Oh sister, you got more guts than I do. Painting the room pink is quite the leap. As far as the maternity clothes go, I've found some good deals at Old.Navy and Ta.rget. Can't wait to see more pics!