Monday, April 20

14 weeks 2 days!

Another week come and gone...

How far along? 14 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: Honestly, I don't know... I think about a pound, but I'll know for sure on Thursday morning when I go back in!  :)

Maternity clothes? Yes!  I got jeans and khakis and a bunch of shirts.

Stretch marks? No- and I'm sticking to that!

Sleep: I'm not quite as tired as I've been!  Yay for Trimester 2!

Best moment this week: I have a huge bump!  :)  Haha.  And we learned that one of our best friends are due only a month after us!!!!!  How cool is that?!?!

Movement: Not yet- though I am anxiously waiting!

Food cravings: Not really right now.

Gender: Still thinking 2 girls.

Labor Signs: No

Belly Button in or out? Innie

What I miss: Nothing!

What I am looking forward to: Thursday's appointment, seeing Becky and Roy!!, enjoying vacation... things are just GOOD right now.  :)

Weekly Wisdom: I don't know...

Milestones: Maternity clothes (they're so comfortable!)


ashley said...

Yay for the second trimester!!!! Congrats! Time really passes by so quickly. I don't really mind the maternity shirts but the pants give me grief sometimes. That darn elastic waistband gets to me sometimes and then I just cut it out. I've ruined a couple pairs of pants already. Glad things are going well for you!

Morrisa said...

Second trimester is the best isn't it? You should be feeling movement any time now! Yay!