Wednesday, April 1

Woo! and Hello? Is that my belly?

Less than 200 days left!  I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for the ticker to get under 200.  Time is going by quickly and slowly at the same time.  I'm loving every second.  :)  

I ended up sharing my news with school yesterday.  And then last night I also emailed all of my parents from last year and this year.  I got many congrats.  It was nice-- and I was also told that Miss S. from downstairs had spilled the beans to more people than I guesstimated.  Oh well.  But, since everyone knew, today I decided to stray away from my oversized sweaters and instead wore a shirt that I used to wear all the time that is a bit more form fitting.  It was the first time I've really worn anything that is more clingy since... well, before the IVF.  Probably since before the cycle in October.

So I put it on this AM and looked in the mirror... And let me tell you, at 11w4d I almost had a heart attack.  I have a belly.  A round baby belly.  I swear I don't know where it came from because it was NOT there before and I haven't put on any weight, but it is there.  My babies are there and they're growing and they're making their presence known!



ashley said...

The belly really kind of just creeps up on you. So totally fun though!

Ashley said...

When are you going to start posting belly pics??? I love watching your ticker!!

Jenn said...

Um...can we have some pictures please?

Shinejil said...

Isn't it crazy, how one morning you look down and POP! There it is. Must be even more surprising with a twin-powered bump!

It blows my mind how sweet people are when you tell them you're expecting. Where was all the love when we were walking in the deep dark shadows of IF? But better late than never, I guess.