Monday, April 20

Marathon Monday!

Ah, so right now the hubby is in the city with some of our friends cheering on another friend at the Boston Marathon.  I stayed away because I had papers to write, but they got finished way too early, and now I'm here alone and bored.  With NO idea what to do.  Anyways...

Yesterday we were driving out of the city- because we had met up with the same friends for dinner- and we called another friend to see how they were doing.  Johnny had her on speakerphone so I could hear and she said she was going good, but that she was "under the weather and drinking ginger ale".  Immediately Johnny and I both yelled "You're pregnant!!"  And she is!!  She's due one month and one day after me- November 18th.  How cool is that?  Admittedly a part of me immediately thought "Thank god we got pregnant first!" because I would have been pretty heartbroken if we hadn't, but it's so cool!!  And I was telling Johnny, this is the first case of someone in a LONG time meaning to get pregnant and having it work quickly.  I'm surrounded by either people who CAN'T get pregnant when they want, or people who are married with "oops" babies or who are unmarried/not in a stable relationship and have babies.  It's so nice to see it can work.  The first time.  Correctly.  :)  

Anyone smell arranged marriage?  :)


Anonymous said...

Hope everything is going well. 14 weeks already. It seems like it's gone so fast. :-D

Shinejil said...

Yeah, a friend of mine is also due about a month after me. I love her and her husband, but I am so glad I can just be happy for them, without having to wrestle any green beasts.

Congrats on your progress! Hope things continue to be pleasant.