Tuesday, December 30

IUI + 1 week

The hubster and I have been having a relaxing couple of days.  We're both on vacation, so it's been late morning wake ups, lots of doing whatever we feel like, and then lots of relaxing in the evening and going to bed way too late.  Only to repeat the scenario the next day.  :)

So, as far as me, I am feeling weird.  Very, very weird.  I don't know how to explain it and I am trying desperately not to read into it because the IUI was only ONE week ago, but it's really, really hard not to read in to it.  

So, to be diplomatic, I'm going to say that, at this point, I have no expectations of this cycle working or not working.  I'm hoping it will, but I know it can go either way and I'm fine with that.

Off the record, however, I will say that I am pretty confident that it did work.  I think it worked and I think it worked well.  But, again, if anyone asks I didn't ever say that.  And I will abruptly bite my tongue if there is only 1 line on Tuesday.

EDIT:  I will edit to say that I have been "pretty confident" for about 50% of the cycles thus far.  And see where that's gotten me.  :)  But still, I really am pretty confident.


Stacy said...

If anyone asks... I am printing out this blog and showing them ;p! j/k! :)

I hope you are right about your feeling!! Sending good vibes your way...

Sarah said...

This has GOT to be the lucky cycle! Having the IUI on Xmas eve day....its just gotta work! Fingers crossed for you.

Big hugs