Monday, December 22

Today I went in for blood work.  Again, they played the "let's find treasure in your arm" game.  It's a little tiring, but slush is life.  Anyways, my Estradiol shot up to over 400.  Which means I'm ovulating.  Which means we need to trigger tonight.  Which means the IUI is Wednesday.

This is all a little annoying.  I'm a little nervous about the little follicles.  I don't know if they're ready... they weren't yesterday, and with the idea that they only grow about 2mm a day, then my biggest would only be at 17mm... not quite big enough.  Plus, not to be greedy, but I was really hoping to have more than 1 ready.  

Oh, well, IUI is Wednesday AM at 11, so we're triggering with the Ovidrel tonight between 9 and 10.  I'm hoping, but cautiously.  I don't want to be hurt again.  


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Stacy said...

Ok... so I know most people on here know about this stuff... but I am clueless...

How "big" do your follicles have to be? What makes them increase-- medicine? If both are big enough, does it increase your chances of conceiving?

Sorry these may sound like silly questions... but I want to fully understand... :p