Tuesday, December 23

Merry Christmas Presents!

Today was the last day of school before vacation, so I received a mass of presents from my fabulous students.  Apparently there is a consensus around these parts that Kindergarten teachers love chocolate and coffee.  Because 95% of my gifts were chocolate and/or Dunkin Donuts gift cards.  Unfortunately I do not like either.  :)  The hubby is happy to have the DD gift cards and the chocolate is going to be regifted to various family members who enjoy it.  :)

The point, however, is one of the few non-chocolate/coffee related gifts came from the family in my class dealing with a double dose of cancer right now-- the cousin of the girl in my class and her mother as well.  They gave me a simple card that said "In appreciation of your hard work, we have donated a Monopoly game in your name to the oncology wing at Children's Hospital in Boston."  I was so touched-- I would give up every Christmas present from now on if all the parents would do something like this.  :)

Merry Christmas!

Tomorrow AM I have to wake up early to bake, then go to the IUI at 10 (well, Johnny has to be there at 10, they don't really need me until 11), come back and bake some more, then go to the family Christmas party at 5 til who knows when (I'm assuming we will not be back here until 2am at the earliest...).  Oh well, it's Christmas and I have over a week of relaxing ahead of me, so I can't complain!  :)

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Sarah said...

What a great xmas gift!!