Wednesday, December 24

IUI Update

Merry Christmas Eve!

Just taking a minute from baking to update about the IUI today... 

So, I'm still nervous about my follicles, BUT we got good news with Johnny's sample today!  Woohoo... here it is... or what we could remember of it.  To start, it was the best it has been...

Volume: 4.5
Motility: 79% (wanted over ... 50% maybe?)
Abnormal: 49% (wanted under 70%)
Forward Progression: 3 (woohoo-- it's only been 2 up until now!)
Total Motile: (hold on to your hats!) 209 million! (wanted over 10 million)

Overall, I'm very happy with those stats!  Coupled with hopefully a few healthy follicles and some Christmas magic, January 7th should prove to be a happy beta day.  :)  Of course I'll test on January 6th.  :)

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful Christmas Eve.  :)  


Sarah said...

I love the fact that you had your IUI on Xmas eve day. Thats GOTTA be good luck!

Carrie said...

I put lots of faith in Christmas magic! But it doesn't hurt that your husband's sample was so good! Praying for good news on the 6th!