Saturday, December 27

When we got pregnant back in October, we only told a few people... our parents and 2 friends.  One friend lives far away and we don't get to talk to her often.  When Johnny called to let her know, he said her response was "I was hoping that was what you were going to say!"  So, this caught us a little off guard because we had been very guarded about the whole baby-process.  As far as 99% of people knew, we weren't trying at all.  Why would she be hoping for that?  So we just assumed that she had read about things on here because I comment on her blog occasionally.  Maybe she just jumped here?

So, we left it at that.  Then, when things went badly back at the end of October, the calls to tell our parents were really hard.  So, instead of calling this friend, Johnny decided to just leave her a message on Facebook.  Perhaps not the best way to share the information, but at that point we were trying to protect ourselves-- neither one of us could say it again, so a message seemed to be the way to go.  Now, 2 months later, we never got a reply from her, but we just assumed that she didn't know what to say.  And, we've been playing phone-tag for the past two months, too.  

Finally, a few weeks ago, I sent a message to her to ask for her address.  She send me a message back and in the message I received a "I'm SO happy for you!".   When I got that, I was floored.  What did she mean?  What was she happy about?  ... of course I could only think of one thing.  I replied back, but didn't mention the comment.  Johnny said that he was VERY clear in the message and she has clearly been on Facebook since (she sent me a message!)  How could she miss it?

So, then today we got our Christmas card from her that says "We're SO happy for you guys!"  

Oh, jeeze.  There's really no denying that there really is only one thing this can be about.  So, needless to say, Johnny is not looking forward to this particular phone call.  

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