Monday, August 24

Sorry, Baby

Yesterday we were at the book store buying Colby's baby book (FINALLY).  We got into a discussion about Colby with the book store lady.  She was heart broken that he came at 27 weeks and was in the NICU.  

Then she asked... "Is he your first?"  And I said yes.  

It killed me to say that and I felt horrible like I was betraying Connor.  But I didn't really want to get into it with the book store lady.  And as Johnny pointed out- she was so upset about Colby she probably would have broken down right there if we mentioned Connor.   

So, I'm sorry baby.  I haven't forgotten you.  You'll always be my first baby.

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Carrie said...

Of course he will! It is important to say whatever gets through the comments, interactions and things with others. I cannot imagine how terrible it would be to explain to strangers.

Hoping you have a great week- and get some good use out of the baby book!