Wednesday, May 20

Nothing Much!

24 days left of school.  THANK YOU!  I am so tired and in so much pain on a daily basis that, although I LOVE teaching and LOVE my class beyond words, I need a break.  A looong break.  

I think I've been feeling the babies moving.  It happens every now and then and it's different than feeling bubbles from digestion.  I really can't describe it, but it's amazing.  :)   I can't wait until it feels like real movement!  Oh, I love these little guys.

Our big, hour long ultrasound is Friday!!  I am sooo excited!  I'm just excited to see the little guys... to focus a half hour on each baby just to watch them wiggle and squirm!  Ahhh... it's so nice that things are going well!!  All the worry and stress of the last years and months are really worth it!

Other than all of that, we're getting ready to move.  Johnny's been doing some packing... meanwhile things are up in the air as we sit in that weird time between fulfilling our side for paperwork and waiting for closing to come.  Things are just so busy right now! 


Sarah said...

It sounds like you are feeling movement alright. I always thought it felt like either a little muscle twinge(not painful) or a gas bubble. Good to hear things are going well.

Stacy said...

24 days left?!?!? You just made my night!!

Ashley said...

That's so exciting!! Can't wait to hear about the ultrasound!!

ashley said...

Yay for the movement and yay for the upcoming ultrasound!