Friday, May 8

Good bye toes, Hello belly!

You know how you don't remember every day of every year of school?  Rather, you have a few snippets from kindergarten, a few from first grade, and so on?  Sometimes these snippets are rather eventful (I was the sun and moon in "The Big Orange Splot" in second grade) and sometimes they're totally uneventful (I could pinpoint the table I sat at every day in Middle School... though nothing ever happened there).  

Well, I have a fairly uneventful snippet of 8th grade that has stuck with me for the past 11 years.  We were in health class talking about obesity and good eating and exercise and all that good stuff.  My teacher brought in these things that pinch your arm to test your body fat and something else that you had to breathe into to test your lung capacity.  Both tests were fine-- I was a dancer and a swimmer at the time so I was in fine shape.  Then before we were getting ready to leave she mentioned a simple way to test if you were overweight (though I never really understood how you wouldn't just know).  Anyways, all you had to do was stand up straight, and look down.  If you could see your toes, you were golden.  If, however, your belly got in the way... you were in trouble.  Now I could see my toes and was just fine.  Class ended and that was that.

Over the years I have subtly tried this test when I thought I was getting a little bigger, but I could always see my toes.  Even at the height of college (thankfully no Freshman 15 for me!) and IF meds I was able to see my toes.

Until the other day.  I was standing up, stretching my arms or something and I looked down and saw just an adorable belly.  Almost big enough to be a shelf.  But nothing more.  No more piggies.  I hope they don't miss me over the next few months.  I won't be seeing much of them.  Luckily at this point I can still tie my shoes so we do get some one-on-one time even if we don't get as much face-to-face time as we used to have. But soon I won't be able to do even that.  I hope they understand...


ashley said...

I can't see my toes or reach my toes anymore. I have been treating myself to monthly pedicures because of it. Even though I can't see them anymore, I still want my feet looking pretty. ;)

Cassandra said...

I haven't been able to see my toes since I hit puberty -- not because of my stomach, but because of my chest! Your teacher's little test doesn't work for all of us. :)

My 12w belly has a long way to go before it sticks out further than my chest.