Wednesday, May 27

Doctors Appt

So, today I had another appointment.  Today it was with my regular OB.  Or it was supposed to be, but she went out on Maternity Leave a few weeks early, so it was with her replacement.   Anyways, I totally, completely 100% forgot that I had this appointment booked.  I forgot until I was meeting with a fellow-teacher about a meeting we have tomorrow afternoon.  I had that meeting date linked in my head with this appointment somehow.  (I think I had planned the appointment around the meeting day or something...)  Anyways, so at 8am I realize "OH YEAH, I have an appointment at 11:45."  (Not a big deal because I had already planned for coverage, but still, I wasn't thinking about it.)

So I get to the appointment a little early at 11:30 and proceed to SIT for an HOUR.   Yes, 12:30 I'm called.  In that time, the other doctor in the office had AT LEAST 10 people called.  I figured it was because the replacement was fairly new (last week or so) but I was getting antsy.  I had swore up and down that I would be back at school by 12:50 to get my kids from after lunch.  Woops.  

Anyways, I finally get called in at 12:30 for blood pressure and weight.  (Ohh weight... I almost had a heart attack!)  Then the doctor FINALLY comes in and 2 things are clear.  (1) She was called in from retirement to come in and replace my doctor and (2) She has not even LOOKED at my file.  She knows nothing other than my name.  

So once I tell her it's twins she's like "Oh!  I haven't seen twins in so long!"  Oh, yes, comforting.  Then she pulls out her tape measure and measures my stomach and says, "Are you sure you're 19 weeks?  You're measuring at 24 weeks."  To which I ask if that could have anything to do with the twins and I was told no.  Ohhh okay.

Then she looks at the doppler and says, "Oh, I can't get the heartbeats with the doppler.  With twins you need an ultrasound."  So I said that my doctor has used the doppler before and she says something like "But how could she get the reading for both?"  Lordy.  She she does her thing finally with the doppler, hears them, but they keep kicking and kind of messing up the sound.  So she takes the doppler off and says, "Oh we heard them.  We know they're in there.  That's enough."  

Then she's looking through my file and notices the paper work from Dr. C (the high risk guy).  She sits there for a few minutes scratching her head.  Literally SCRATCHING her head.  She says, "I just can't figure this out.  Did you have amnio done?"  No.  "Then how do they have different down syndrome risk factors on both babies?  With your age and bloodwork they should be the same."  Then I said that they did the measurement of the neck skin and she says, "Oh.  That's new.  That's not something I've ever ordered before."  Holy cow.  I need to get out of there!

Finally she says she wants to see me in 2 weeks (why?  I don't know).  I politely say okay, then run to the front desk and say "I'm going to keep my care with Dr. C. while Dr. M. is on Maternity Leave.  I'll call back in the summer to schedule an appointment with her once she's done with leave."  So, yes, I will not see the crazy lady again.  She was nice enough, but I can't take her.  :)

So that's the fun doctor story.  I did get back 20 minutes late, but all was well with the world.  :)


Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

dannys folks said...

hi stace, we're getting our updates on you:). We LOVE the growing belly!!

Ashley said...

That is UNBELIEVABLE:) Glad you're not going back!!

ashley said...

Holy crap. Thank goodness you're not going back to her anymore. Couldn't they have gotten someone better? Amazing what our healthcare dollars go to these days.

ashley said...

Oh, and the 10 pound weight gain in less than a month makes me feel a little better. ;) But wait, you have two of them in there. Maybe there's another one hiding in me, yes, that's it. I'm sure of it. Ha! Have a great day!

Infertility is Hard said...

Wow. . . It really just proves that not all doctors are created equal! Not only that, but we all take so much time out of our days to go to these appointments, would it be asking too much if the doctors were prapared? I mean seriously!