Thursday, May 7

Happy!! :)

Few things in this world can make me as happy as early spring!

The new, light green leaves, the flowers (lilacs anyone?!?!), fresh cut grass, the warm-ish sun, outdoor recess (thank goodness!!!)... even the smell of small brush fires in my parents backyard.  Instant smile.

Today was a rough day at school.  It was rainy all day, so recess was inside and the kids are always a little crazy when they're in all day (and who can blame them?).  Additionally, it was a Thursday-- Thursdays are always rough for me.  For some reason that is the day I have very little patience for them.  (I do intensely love the kiddos!)  Overall, it was a long, stressful day (I don't think a single one listened to directions!) but I walked out of the building at the end of the day and was greeted by warm spring air, the smell of fresh grass, and a fully bloomed lilac bush.  Perfect.  My mood increased exponentially in the matter of seconds.

My stomach has really been bothering me lately.  I read in my What to Expect book that at this point it's common for tugging and achiness as ligaments and muscles and who-knows-what-else stretch to accommodate the little darlings, so I'm not worried.  But it hurts to even walk!  Luckily it is usually fine at school... I'm a little run down at school, but at home is when things get rough.  It hurts to get off the couch, to roll over in bed... ouch!  But totally worth it!!!


Alyssa said...

I totally have been wondering lately about which pains are 'good', and which should result in a doctor's call... thoughts?

ashley said...

Mine hurt too in the beginning like yours is. It doesn't really anymore.