Monday, May 4

Baby A on 4.28

We were only given 1 picture at the ultrasound last week.  She must have take 2 dozen (including an incredibly cute one of Baby A sucking his thumb!) but we obviously weren't given them. 

So, here is Baby A on his back.  You can see his perfect little head and belly and even his arm and leg bones.  Way too cool.  And SO much love it's not even funny.  

Even if I expected girls (which, obviously,  I did) I couldn't ask for more.  

This whole journey- from December 06 to now- has all been so incredible and surreal.  Some days I still can't believe that we were so lucky to have this all work out.  Every day I hoped that it would, but I didn't know how to handle it when it did.  There was a lot of tears.  A ton of frustration.  So many questions.  But I never once felt myself giving up.  Sure, I questioned if we would be able to have what we wanted in the end-- to be young parents, to have more than 1 child-- but I never once questioned that at least one miracle would happen at some point.  And here it is... happening.  :)  TIMES TWO!

I find myself thinking all the time-- why us?  what did we do to deserve this more than the next person?  And I guess there is no real answer.  The only way I can show my gratitude is to enjoy every second and to prepare to be the best mother than I can possibly hope to be.  :)   


Shinejil said...

You're right: gratitude, love for your children, and kindness to those around you is the best response. :)

Keep enjoying this whole journey!

Ashley said...

Love the pic...why no pic of baby B?? That was mean of her!! He is BEAUTIFUL:)

ashley said...

What a beautiful baby you have growing there! Wish we could see the other baby too!