Sunday, July 27


Another weekend over. They go by too quickly! I know that's kind of a silly thing for someone with the whole summer off to say... but I still enjoy the weekends the most. That's when other people are off and when I can spend some QT with the hubby. :)

This weekend I went down to visit my family again. My mom needed to buy a dress for my cousin's wedding, so I went to "help" her out. Saturday night I saw "Step Brothers" with my brother. It was very, very funny at certain parts. Other parts made me cringe and some parts were supposed to be funny but weren't really to me. Today I met up with one of my teacher-friends. It's always good to see her. Then I came home and have been spending the rest of evening with the hubby. :)

I didn't end up letting my family in on our situation. I just don't know how to bring it up. So I haven't. But, like I said before, I need to let them know so this coming weekend is okay. I don't get why it's so hard for me...

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