Wednesday, July 9

Green Light

We got the green light today to proceed with the IUI cycle. Basically we were told that they're not sure why we haven't seen more "action" (mature follicles and whatnot) on the left side, but not to worry about it. I always have a bunch of tiny follicles so it just looks like that side is "lazy".

As far as the next cycle, Anania gave us three choices. (1) We could either continue with a few more cycles of Clomid with TI, (2) we could do Clomid and IUI, or (3) we could move on to an Injectables cycle. As tempting as it is to move on to the injectables, we thought it best to try to IUI. We want this to work and we want it to work fast, but we don't want to go too quickly. So, we upped the Clomid to 150mg and I'll start with my next Day 1. I'm hoping that I DONT get it on my own- that I have to take provera because that will make it easier with the vacation in August. :)

Also, Anania really spelled out that it is all our choice. We can do 1 cycle with IUI or we can do 3 cycles. We can start discussing cycle 5 during cycle 4 if we can to change things up (like moving to injectables). It was just really good to hear... so I don't have to be too upset thinking we're "stuck" in something. But I am happy with our decision. And I've never been so happy to live in MA. SO much is covered in terms of infertility treatments. It really makes things so much easier and less of a stress.

And I noticed on my file today, my primary infertility is marked as PCOS. Apparently that's what she meant during her initial mumble-jumble. :) I've just kind of been saying that I had hormone issues. That's all for now.

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