Thursday, July 17

Hoping again

I told you not all of this would be baby related. But, of course, some of it is.

Ah, so... this month has been a month off for us. We've been waiting for insurance to change and things went well with that. (The best part is that the prescription drug prices are sooo much cheaper on my insurance!) So, now we're in the wait for Day 1 so that I can start the fun of monitoring and clomid and all that. (I haven't missed it for the most part, but I liked feeling like I was doing something.) My last Day 1 was June 16th, sooo assuming my body is going to cooperate (it's always a question as to whether or not it will...) I should be getting my Day 1 soon (or a few days ago, really). So I'm waiting with slight cramps and the usual. Typically in the cycle they would have tested me already, so this evening I let myself take a HPT. Why do I let my hopes get up? It was negative (no surprise, really, but we haven't come up with a "good" way of checking the test without getting too let down...). So, though I'm not really surprised we're left in a bit of a dilemma.

If I don't start soon it looks like it will be cutting it VERY close for the IUI. We leave for Virginia on August 7th. So if you figure 9 days from Day 3 for monitoring (that's usually the day time they bring me in for my initial monitoring) + the 5-7 days it has taken for my eggs and lining to be ready + the 2 days after the ovidrel to actually do the IUI... it's close. At the short end it's 14 days if it all went perfectly (as in, my eggs were ready the day I went in for monitoring) and 21 days if monitoring takes the absolute longest it has taken. Assuming tomorrow was Day 1... the best case would be July 31 and the worst case would be August 7th. And that's just assuming that tomorrow was Day 1. Bleh. Waiting is the hardest part. :)

It's so frustrating that it's so unpredictable. I'm just hoping and praying and crossing fingers that Day 1 is tomorrow so we can get a move on. I'd love to do this first IUI before school starts.


On a random note, I have plans for my 30th birthday. :) (I just turned 24) Johnny and I love Jack Johnson ridiculous amounts (see a few posts before). Last night we went to see some awesome sand castles at Revere Beach. On the way home we were listening to Jack (as usual) and the song "Angel" came on. One of my favorites, though I had never REALLY paid attention to the lyrics. Johnny was really listening to them. And out of no where he says "I know! He's talking about having kids!" He skipped back to the beginning of the song and we listened...

"She could make angels
I've seen it with my own eyes
You gotta be careful when you've got good love
Cause the angels will just keep on multiplying"

So, with that, Johnny promised that by the time I'm 30 we'll have a few of our planned children and he will be able to sing that song to me at my 30th birthday. So I'm looking forward to it. :) ... Though I really wish it were that easy to make those angels multipy. :)

And a sample of the sand castle. This one wasn't from this year... but still very cool:

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Morrisa said...

I'm praying that your cycle will go well and that AF comes to visit you soon!