Monday, July 21

Grad School

As mentioned a post or so ago, I got into grad school. Woohoo. I had been putting it off for a little too long, so it's good to finally have started the process. Plus, I love to learn. So I'm very excited about starting and accomplishing something. I can see myself moving on and getting my doctorate in the future, so I'm excited to move on. I am completing an online program thru UMass Lowell, but this is only because we don't know where we will end up in the next few months/years. Though it'd be very convenient to attend classes on campus right now, I didn't want to be tied down in the future should things finally move along. So there we go.

I'm set to start in Spring of 2009. I'm going to try to take one class this fall which will be applied to my degree when I start the official program in the Spring. This is just so I won't feel like I'm not doing anything this fall. :) Plus, the pay raise associated with having some extra credits will be nice.

My only problem is financial aid. I'm pretty much banking on it-- we don't really have the ability to pay for all of the classes up front. So I'm going to fill out the FAFSA, but I think that I probably should have filled it out way back in the late-winter/early-spring even though I hadn't even applied yet. Soooo I'm hoping that I can get aid for this spring. If not I will have to get aid for Fall 2009. And we'll have to either just take out a regular ole loan, or just ask my parents to help us out. (Which I'm not too keen on doing...)

So that's the update.

Back to RSC tomorrow and I must say... although I'm looking forward to moving on and getting stuff done, I am not looking forward to the blood draws! :)

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