Monday, July 21

Time Flies!

I've been out of school for 1 month-- since June 19th. It's already been a month. I always find that, at the beginning of the summer, you always have huge intentions of doing so much. Plans to go visit friends you don't get to see much and plans of getting big projects done. It's crazy, though, how fast the summer weekends fill up. We haven't had a weekend without plans for months now... and it looks like August 22-24 will be out next free weekend. Craziness. Next weekend I'm shopping with my mom, the first weekend in August we're going camping, and then the next weekend we're going to Virginia for the wedding.

As I write this I'm having a heart attack. I just realized that, while I've been freaking out about the trip to Virginia for so long and it conflicting with monitoring and the IUI, it's not the trip I should be worrying about-- it's camping the weekend of August 1-3! We're camping that weekend as part of my dad's Father's Day gift. My first day of monitoring is going to be July 31st. Soo... "best case" IUI would be August 2nd when we're camping. But odds are I'd have to go back for monitoring over the weekend.

Sooo... what do I do? I cannot miss the camping trip... (not to mention the fact that we've already paid way too much for the campsites!). Ahhhhh. I really just do not know what to do... Johnny wants to tell them that we have to go up to his cousin's graduation party for a few hours. But I HATE that idea. I feel like it's basically saying "We promised we'd do this with you, but something else came up so we're going to leave you for a few hours to go see other people." I'd so much rather just tell them what's going on. I'd rather them know that we have a legitimate reason for leaving for a few hours, rather than just thinking that we don't feel like being there. But I have a feeling that Johnny would rather just use the party excuse or just say "Well this month isn't going to work." (His first response when I mentioned this was "Well, there's always next month." which was NOT the kind of reaction that I was looking for!)

So, the eternal question. What do I do? Why can't things just be simple!!!???

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