Thursday, July 31

Three Days

So... today wasn't quite as productive as I had hoped it would be. Blood was easy as wanted... one poke and that's it.

The u/s wasn't quite what I had wanted though (though I know I had high expectations :)). I had the u/s tech that I don't like so much (or at least not as much as the other one I usually get). Every time I go this u/s tech asks "Have you ever been here?" Uhhh... yes, I have. The other u/s tech remembers me and jokes about how many times I've been there to be prodded by her.

Anyways, she didn't tell me the lining measurement (that's another reason I like the other u/s tech... she narrates the whole time), but when I got my call back today they said that everything looked "perfect" so I'm assuming the lining was okay. I can't quite remember the numbers anymore. I think on my right I had 1 follicle that was 12mm. And on my left I think I had two... one at 11mm and the other at 13.5mm. The 13.5mm might have been on my right... I can't remember. So, although I was hoping they'd be at like 20mm today, I guess I am happy with the numbers. I can't get too hopeful about the left side follicles, though, because my left side NEVER PRODUCES ANYTHING. Things always start, but they get too lazy to finish growing or something. :)

Our next day is Sunday at 8:45am. So, it is official, I have to tell my family. I'm going to have to leave camping at like 7:00am on Sunday AM. I am NOT looking forward to going for an u/s after being in the woods for two days, either. Grossss.

I went to school today from 8am to 3pm. I got a bit done, but there is still a lot to do. I'll go in next week probably. It's SO nice to have the whole school to myself. I've done so much laminating that it's ridiculous. I just wish the printer didn't jam after every paper. I did get a bunch of early-in-the-year work copied, so I'm ready. :) Bring on the kids.

And after leaving school I walked/ran/jogged around the pond. It took me just over a half hour... it was hot! I need to improve my running abilities big time! But it felt good to be out doing something! :)

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