Thursday, July 17

A change of sorts

That's it... I have decided to make this a blog about my life more than one about the craziness of fertility treatments. Obviously that will still be a large part of it... it's a large part of my life. But it's won't be the whole thing. There's more going on. :) And you know what? Although this whole fertility part does suck, my life in general is pretty amazing. I have the most amazing husband. I love him to death and have NO idea where I'd be without him. I have great friends and the best family. I love my job and really am just generally very happy. So here I'm going to stop with focusing on the one negative and instead focus on the positive. And maybe, just maybe, my negative will become a positive soon. But if not, I'll make it through. :) I always do.

So, I don't know if this will change really too much... but I feel different. :)

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