Thursday, June 12

Sitting, waiting, wishing...

Not much new to update. I'm nursing a very painful sunburn from field day yesterday. Woops on that one. My kids were crazy at field day yesterday. It was one of those days I wanted to pull my hair out! We usually stick to a pretty strict schedule during the day, so when we're not on that schedule... watch out! :) Today was another crazy day. They were having such a hard time listening to directions. Oh well, 4 more days with the little dears. :) Heehee... I still have to find out what I'm doing for the summer!

Yesterday was 13 days (or 12?) post the trigger. I had started to feel "weird" again, so I was starting to get a little optimistic (does that ever wear off?). In the AM I felt SO weird... I had a splitting headache, I felt sick, and I was very dizzy. Like I hadn't ever felt before. It went away eventually. As soon as I got home I told Johnny and he immediately started saying "That's it. You're pregnant." I wasn't willing to be so sure. I was trying to explain that it's easier for me to think it's going to be negative rather than get my hopes up. He kind of got annoyed at my pessimism. Oh well...

He made me take a HPT last night. After the anxious wait (I wouldn't let him look at it and I wouldn't look at it either) it was negative. One stinkin' line. Oh well. I'm going to test again on Sunday (the day before my Beta). Maybe yesterday was too soon. (See, that optimism is there... I just try not to show it too much lest people see me upset!)

We're switching to my insurance on July 1st. Kind of throws a monkey-wrench into our next cycle plans. We can't run the present insurance for an IUI when we'll be switching. So we were told we'd have to wait til my new insurance begins to get the approval. But then we were thinking... what is stopping us from just keeping Johnny's insurance for an extra month- like until August-- so that the IUI can be billed to his insurance and we don't have to wait or worry about the change in coverage? Does anyone know? Can you have two insurances running simultaneously? I'm thinking yes because they'll be more than happy to take our money (we'd we paying for 2 insurances at one time), but I don't want to risk anything. I also don't want to wait a month... which would probably turn into September because of the things that we have going on this summer. We'll be out of town a bit.

Ahh welll... the eternal wait. Wish me luck on Monday! :)Wa

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Morrisa said...

Good luck on Monday! I'll be thinking of you!