Sunday, June 22

Back to reality... kind of

Just got back from a fabulous weekend away with the hubby. We went away to the hotel where we spent the night after our wedding (before we left for our Honeymoon). It was great... we got to relax with no worries and nothing to think about. We spent Friday night alone. Then Saturday we went to a bunch of Yard Sales (I'm trying to find cheap books for school as well as a kid-sized couch for the reading area) and in the evening we went our to dinner with my brother and his girlfriend who was visiting from NY. Today we relaxed in the AM and then went to my cousin's engagement shower (not quite an engagement party and not quite a bridal shower). And now we're back to reality.

I say kind of because I'm off for the summer. I met someone to do occasional babysitting for and on Tuesday I'm meeting a family I will probably be tutoring for... but other than that I'm plan free. I think I'll go searching for something tomorrow. I just need something very part time, very flexible... there are a few stores pretty close to here so I'm hoping I can find something there.

Other than that... nothing has changed. I was asked about babies by my brother and my grandfather this weekend. We were also asked when we went out with one of my friends last Monday. I'm getting better at the question. I still can't look people in the eyes when I answer, but I doubt that will ever change. :P

On a totally unrelated note, while we were driving today we passed by a very gruesome accident. It had just happened as we were driving by-- still no cops or EMTs, but there were lots of people rushing to help. A person on a motorcycle crashed at what looked like full-speed into the side of a car. I just can't seem to get the image out of my head. We were all on our way to the shower, so we were in 3 cars (my parents, my bro and his girlfriend, and us) so we all saw it. When we saw it, we kind of assumed that it was the motorcyclist's fault-- it was right at the end of an off ramp so we assumed he failed to stop and ran into the car. I looked into it more at home and found a small news article. Turns out the accident reconstruction says that the car was driven by an almost-80 year old man who was turning off of the off ramp onto the main road and the motorcyclist was driving straight along the main road-- seems like it was the car's fault after all. The other surprise was that it turns out the person driving the motorcycle was someone I went to high school with. He's only 24. Makes me realize that, although things don't always go the way I want and that things aren't as easy as I'd like... I'm still pretty lucky. I'm still here and so are the people I care about. So here's for hoping that he makes an excellent recovery. Because, like I said, I can't get that image our of my head...

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