Sunday, June 29

Nothing Much

Another uneventful weekend. My hubby went to NH with his cousin for a NASCAR race. I have no interest, so I went down to visit my family.

On Friday night we went to the circus. Yes, the circus. When my mom saw that the circus was coming to town, she got SO excited, so we couldn't say no. So instead all of us (the youngest being 22) trekked to the circus. It was actually really good. There were tigers and elephants and people balancing upside down on poles. Their antics made me nervous a few times!

Before we went in we were standing in line. I was there talking to my brother and I heard someone calling my name. Then I looked and saw the mother of two boys I used to babysit for (like 6 years ago). I went to give her and the dad a hug. They looked the same. They were two of the coolest parents I had ever met. The mom was very young and the dad was a little bit older (there was a 10 or 12 year difference between them), but they were both great. I loved going over there to babysit. Unfortunately I lost touch with them when I went away to college.

After a minute or two of small talk she pointed out the boys. I almost had a heart attack. I started watching the oldest when he was 10 months old. I haven't seen him since he was about 2 1/2. He's 8 now. The other boy was born in 2002 and I started watching him when he was 1 month... and the last time I saw him he was 7 or 8 months. He's 6 now. They also have a little girl now who will be 5 in August. Honestly, that was the first time I have ever really felt "old". I know I'm not in the grand scheme of things, but it was definitely a shock to see them. They are the kind of people I would LOVE to get back into contact with... maybe I'll work on that. :)

Saturday was my birthday... I went with my mom to buy dresses for the 3 weddings I have to go to this summer. I had been putting off buying dresses in the hopes that I wouldn't be able to fit into my normal size come July and August. (There's that darn optimism!) Now with the first weddings just 3 weeks off I have come to the realization that that won't happen. So, instead, I resigned myself to buying dresses. My mom paid, though, so that was good. :)

Other than that I just kind of hung around all weekend. It was a nice relaxing, peaceful weekend. My dad bought a spur-of-the-moment motorcycle. So that took up a bit of time... it was kind of fun to ride it around the yard, but wayyyy to scary for me to EVER ride on the road. :) Despite the restfulness, I couldn't wait to get home to see the hubby. I miss him too much when we're apart. :)

Oh, and my mom informed me that her best friend's daughter is pregnant again. She had her first baby at 17 or 18. The little boy is 8 or 9 now. The father isn't in the picture. Now she's pregnant by another guy and not getting married. Bleh. And my mom (who I know loves me to death and has the best intentions in mind and doesn't mean anything by it... or at least I hope doesn't) made a comment to my brother that I'm not ready to have kids yet because I have to finish my master's first. And with that I decided not to tell her. :) So there. At least for now.

Tomorrow is more tutoring and getting stuff done. Back to reality, right? Since July 1st is Tuesday I have to finish squaring away all of the insurance stuff tomorrow and Tuesday. I am just hoping and praying and crossing all available fingers that everything goes off without a hitch and the IUI is easily approved and the referral goes through and things are back on track come mid-July.

Sorry for the rambling. :)

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Morrisa said...

Can you believe I have never been to the circus? I would love to go one time!