Sunday, July 3

Holy Piglets!

At birth on May 25:
Sydney - 4bs 10oz
Zoe - 4lbs 10.8oz

At first Dr. appt on June 9:
Sydney - 4 lbs 14oz
Zoe - 4lbs 14oz

At 1 month check on June 30:
Sydney - 6lbs 6.5oz
Zoe - 6lbs 12.5oz

I'd say they're putting on weight just fine. :)

We're dealing with some reflux with the girls.

Zoe's reflux is more pronounced- as in I cannot ever lay her flat or she will spit- usually out her nose. It's not really bothering her yet - as in no crazy crying or up-all-nights - but it can't be comfortable. It started pretty sporadically. Every now and then I'd wake in the night to her coughing/gagging and choking on a spit. She'd turn purple and you could tell she was struggling to get it out or her mouth and nose. Then it became an every night thing. Then an every time I laid her down. So now we got her a new elevated rocker thing to sleep in. We're holding off meds so far, but we might be down that route very soon.

Sydney never spit in the beginning, but about a week or so ago she started with occasional spits though never out her nose. Just this AM she did this weird thing where she was on the floor next to me and she started arching like crazy, but she wasn't making any noise. I picked her up and she wouldn't stop arching but she was gurgling. She had spit too so she was silently choking on it. It's scary... I need to invest in a bulb syringe company.


Three kids under two said...

It's great that the girls are doing good. I love reading your posts as you and I are in the same boat. 1 + twins with the same age difference. Our situation is so much more different than just having twins first :-)You are just amazing to take care of them by yourself... I look upto you...

Spit up is very common as you might already know. I twin son was also diagnosed initially with reflux, because of the arching et al., but they now think its more of his personality. Hang in there.

Ashley said...

That would scare me to death! Do you have them on angel monitors?