Saturday, July 9

Milk Questions...

  • We're at the point that I am nursing for all feeds and then pumping after all feeds.
  • Occasionally I time pumping wrong and I pump right before someone needs to eat though. :) Of course I feel like all I do is feed and pump. :)
  • They haven't had any formula in a long time except for an emergency bottle when we visited Johnny's work on Thursday. :)
  • I've even managed to freeze a bunch of milk. For the past few days I've been putting about 6-12oz of milk in the freezer each night after fortifying a few "top-off" ounces. I do still tend to throw a lot out when I try to top one off and they don't want it.
  • During the day I'm nursing every 2-3 hours. Sydney is 2 hours on the dot usually and Zoe is a little less frequent. Sydney tends to fall alseep while nursing more prompting the more frequent feeds I think.
  • Both girls still use shields and get very frustrated when I try without them.
  • Typically it's tandem nursing which saves so much time, but occasionally Syd's off the schedule.

1. Short of buying a scale & weighing before & after each feed, how do I know the girls are getting enough?

2. How often should I still be pumping? How much should I be pumping? It's so hard not to focus on the numbers or to be jealous of people that say "I can pump 8oz in 10 minutes!" because I'm definitely NOT one of those people.

3. How long should it take before they can start taking full feeds each time?? They fall asleep or get frustrated sometimes and get hungry soon after, but I can pump 1.5-2oz each side after a feeding quite often so I know there is plenty of milk there...

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birdsandsquirrels said...

The only way to tell exactly how much they are getting is to weigh before and after feeds. You can rent a highly sensitive scale by the week or month, usually through a lactation consultant or hospital. I did that for a month with Birdie, and it was very reassuring.

I don't know the answer about pumping, because I was NEVER able to pump enough to freeze! But man, if you are breastfeeding twins directly AND can pump a couple ounces afterwards, you are a rock star!