Monday, June 21

23w2d + 52w

We've almost reached the month of milestones. The point where things won't be "x" months ago, but instead a year ago.

Tomorrow is June 22nd. The day before school is out. Wednesday the 23rd is a 1/2 day, the last day. The same dates as last year.

Tomorrow I'm going to spend the day packing at school. I have to find a way to keep the kiddos busy because I have my whole room to pack up. Then I'm spending the afternoon at a "Pub Crawl" aka a house-hop for the end of the year. I'm dragging Colby along with me because he's so darn cute. And I love him. :)

Last year, I spent the 22nd packing too. Blissfully happy, feeling great. I wasn't leaving my school the following year, but I was packing and organizing to get ready for September when I was sure I'd be so pregnant that I wouldn't be able to think. I stayed late on the 22nd to pack. Johnny picked me up around 4:30 to make it to our 23-week appointment in Boston. I finished the night on bedrest.

I'm terrified to be hitting this month.

Colby turned 11 months old on Saturday. He's getting his 3rd tooth, his upper left tooth. He's crawling like a military-man. He's totally okay with not crawling on his knees. He gets where he needs to be, so it works. He has a horrible temper when something is taken away from him, but he is the most mellow, calm baby otherwise. He loves to cuddle when he's tired and when he just wakes up. I still rock him to sleep. :-0 I bring him to sleep in our bed when he wakes up at night.


Did I ever mention that Johnny is going back to school?

He currently works at a job he kind of fell into. When Johnny was in high school his dad worked at the company Johnny works for now. He started part time doing odd jobs. Once he was in college he started full time and kind of fell into a string of promotions. He's fairly high up- an on-the-road sales rep for the company. A good job, but never one he really enjoyed. It made the ends meet, was flexible enough for appointments and what not, but not where he wanted to stay, but he didn't know what to do. So he stayed.

Then he boys were born. The boys were born on a Sunday. Connor died on the following Tuesday. The next day Johnny met with the neonatologist that was in the room when Connor passed. He had decided the day we lost Connor that he wanted to work in the NICU. He's going back to school. He started last semester. He's going to be a NICU nurse with the hopes of becoming a specialist. How cool is that? I guess maybe that's the silver lining? Even though Connor was only with us for such a short time, he clearly affected his Daddy's life in a huge and profound way.

I'm so proud of both of them.


Leah said...

That is so cool about your husband becoming a NICU nurse! Seriously, they are amazing people, and I'm sure you have so much appreciation for them after having your babies.

ashley said...

I am so impressed by your husband going to school to be a NICU nurse. It really is amazing. I believe it was God's plan to turn your husband's life in a different direction.

madrecita said...

That is so great about your husband- nursing is a great profession he will LOVE it!! Your little boy sounds like my guy- he does the army crawl most of the time too but can get just about anywhere so why make the extra effort to go up on his knees? LOL!!

Ashley said...

That's awesome about Johnny!! I can't believe it's been almost a year....((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Go Johnny!

Michele said...

Thinking of you as you approach your boys' first year.

And so proud of Johnny! That is awesome!!