Wednesday, June 2

How quick things change

What a difference a year can make! (Or even just a few hours!)

When I was in my senior year at BU, I studied abroad in Sydney, Australia. I spent 4 months living in Sydney and teaching Year 1 (first grade). Though I lived away from my family while at BU, I was really away for the first time while in Australia. 4 months without Johnny, without my friends, without my brothers or dad... without my mommy. So, while there the advisor of the education program became my- and all the other Ed girls- surrogate mother of sorts. She bought us meds when we were sick, she drove us back to our apartments if it was too late to take the train, she called to check in on weekends. I stayed in constant contact when I left- until an email glitch made me lose all my contacts.

So we hadn't talked for a few years. I was happily surprised last June when I got an unexpected email from her. She had learned through the grapevine (a newer study abroad student) that I was pregnant with twins and she wanted to check in. I received the email on June 21st of last year. As soon as I got the email, I wrote back.

I remember it so well. I was sitting in our tiny kitchen in our apartment. I was cooking dinner while Johnny watched the Red Sox in the living room.

I wrote:
We-- mommy and babies-- are doing great. We are thrilled. It's been a long road for John and I, but we are thrilled beyond belief to be where we are. Every appointment has checked out wonderfully, so we're just counting our blessings for how well things have gone. We actually have another appointment tomorrow afternoon to see how things are still going.

Less than 24 hours later I was on strict bed rest, fearing for the lives of my babies.

Now almost 1 year later I'm on my feet, preparing for the end of the school year, listening to my precious son's breathing on the monitor, wearing a pendant with wings to remember my little angel. I'm a mother now. I got my wish. I'm loving every single second of motherhood... I'm hurting every single second of motherhood. And now I'm pushing for baby #3.

Every single year, month, day, hour, minute, second matters.

Time changes in a blink.


Catherine W said...

It certainly does.

I love your description of motherhood, all that love and all that hurt together.

Wishing you all the best for baby number 3. x

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

I think Ive told you before, but you are such an inspiration. I cant believe all youve been through. Colby is lucky to have you as a Mother. Connor is, too. :)