Thursday, March 14

10 Days :)

The Hunter Man...

Hunter's still hanging out in the NICU, but he's doing well.

I'm home with the 3 kiddos during the day so we only get in to the NICU after Johnny gets home- usually around 5 after the drive.  I've missed his feedings the past 3 days which is really upsetting.  I'm trying not to get too discouraged and to remember that he'll be home soon, but it's still frustrating.  I did manage to stay really late yesterday because I went in alone so I hit his later feeding before heading home which was nice.

He's on his 3rd day of the 5-day count.  He's set to break out on Saturday barring no dsats, bradies, or other craziness.  He'll take his car seat test on Friday night, so hopefully he can hold his own.

He was up over 5 pounds on Wednesday.  He's just perfect.

The Others Post-Baby

The first days back home with the kiddos were hard.  Colby especially was having a really hard time.  He is thrilled to have a baby brother & loves Hunter (so far), but he had such a hard time with me being gone for most of last week.  Monday when Hunter was born Johnny and I were out the door the second my mom got here at 9am and it was clear to Colby that something wasn't "right".  Then for the next 4 days he was watched & put to bed by my parents or Johnny-- when it has always, always, always been me.  He was just a little bit of a mess-- yelling at the girls, hitting, saying no... just not "Colby" things.  Once this week started and it's been me and him and the girls ("normal") he has been so, so, so much better.  I'm thinking he'll do fine once Hunter comes home, but we'll see.

Sydney and Zoe... they're just themselves.  Sydney is a total diva/drama queen/trouble maker.  There is no other way to put it.  She is trouble.  She has her sweet moments-- which are actually more plentiful than her trouble moments, but when he's in a mood, watch out!  We are NOT going to survive the teenage years with this girl.

Zoe is sweet as pie.  She can throw a tantrum, but in much a different way than Syd.  Syd will flip out if you give her the wrong cup and cry and scream for a LONG time.  Instead Zoe gets over her tantrums really quickly-- and they're almost always related to being made to stop climbing.  (This girls has places to go)  She's turned into such a cuddler latey & I love it.  Her favorite thing is to sit and stroke my hair.

All I can say with those two... having Hunter home can go either way.  I'm expecting Zoe to be kind of oblivious to it because she's always just doing her own thing or playing with Colby.  Sydney... I'm expecting a bit of a mess just because she's drama.

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