Sunday, June 12

Still alive!

So far life with 3 under 2 is totally manageable.

Yes, I'll eat those words in a few days I am sure.

Zoe has been home for just over a week and Sydney came home just under a week ago. They're still on a pretty awesome schedule. (One of the perks of the NICU!) They eat every 3.5-4 hours or so and take 2oz a pop. I've kept them on the same schedule for the most part. We'e had a little variance when one would fall asleep mid-feed and wake 2 hours later. Obviously instead of starving them we've fed them, but only a 1/2 feed in the hopes of getting them up 2 hours later again. In between feeds they pretty much just sleep. They both have some great awake periods during the day where they're super alert, but they're few and far between. Right now they just need to focus on growing, so they sleep and sleep. Until Colby goes to the pack n play and yells "Hi babies!!" ;)

Night is pretty easy too (again, I'm prepared to eat those words). I do night care completely alone so usually 1 wakes up right around 3-4 hours and I have an alarm set incase they don't. Which ever one wakes first gets taken care of first. I do a 1/2 feed, change the diaper & reswaddle to rewake them, and then finish the other 1/2 feed. Who ever didn't wake first gets woken up to feed immediately after. Same thing happens. Then when they're both back down, I pump and head back to bed. It usually takes about 1-1.5 hours depending on how tired we all are. Then I hop back in bed reset the alarm, and wake up at the next cries. :)

Right now I'm pumping, formula feeding, and breastfeeding. We have to fortify all their feeds to 22 calories including breastmilk so there's no chance of exclusively breastfeeding. I'm also still desperately trying to build my supply so that I can do 100% of their feeds (either through a bottle or nursing). Right now I'm pretty close-- I pump enough for at least 75% of their feeds, maybe more, but it's not quite 100%. I'd love to nurse exclusively, but right now I'm content knowing that at least most of their food is at least breastmilk even if it is pumped. (Plus, there's a sense of satisfaction when I fill bottles after pumping! :P)

Tomorrow is my first day home with all 3 alone. I'm not worried... I know I can totally handle it, but I am tired, so that's the only obstacle. If I had a full night of sleep once in the past few months I'd be peppy and ready to go, but waking every 1-2ish hours for a few months is very wearing. :)

I'll add some pictures soon. :) Probably during a 2am pumping session. (Because that's the only time I ever get any "me" time. :) Oh, and those hands-free pumping bras? The best invention EVER.)


Ashley said...

So glad all is well!! So happy for you girl!!

sunflowerchilde said...

Wow, you are an all star! I remember never quite being able to get to 100% of the feeds through breastmilk, and I worked really hard, although I think I was getting there when we decided to stop with all the pumping. Good luck!

Lori B. said...

I've been following your blog for awhile from Erin's at Hoping for our own Peanut. We are expecting twins in December and I was curious what is the name of the hands-free pumping bra? That sounds super helpful.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the baby girls are home safe and sound! You are truly a SuperMom!