Wednesday, June 15

3 Weeks of GIRLS!

3 weeks!?

The girls are already three weeks old. How is that possible?

Today I should be 37 weeks 2 days pregnant. Instead I have amazing, perfect 3 week olds!

Like I said when I had the boys-- I miss being pregnant and feeling the kicks more than I can express. Things were a little calmer having the girls than the boys, so I had time to think about what was happening and what it meant. I remember laying on the operating table after having the spinal/epidural and feeling numbed and thinking "I've felt their last kicks from inside."

It hit me then that it was over. In minutes I would no longer be pregnant and never again pregnant with twins (please? thank you.).

But these past 3 weeks have been better with them out than they could have possibly been with them in!

  • Both girls have to be over 5 pounds now.
  • They sleep most of the day but they are just so cute when they're sleeping.
  • And when they're awake and taking in everything with their big beautiful eyes? My heart just melts.
  • Preemie clothes are too small because they're so long but newborn clothes are way too big in every other way. Still super cute.
  • Sydney loves to be swaddled and doesn't fight it at all.
  • Zoe fights with the Swaddle Me and often breaks her arms out like Houdini.
  • Colby loves his baby sisters and showers them with kisses. Only twice has a solid object hit one of the girls-- once was Colby's hand as he tried to hand me a shirt and once was Percy the train as it sailed over the couch. These girls will be tough. :)

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Hey! Congrats again :)

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