Friday, April 22


Still hanging out. Still stable. :)

As we draw closer to 30 weeks again the "What should we do?" debate is popping up. Some want another FFN, some want a new length check. We'll see what Dr. K wants on Tuesday. I'm currently funneling right to the stitch (so, again, kudos to Dr. K for pushing for that one over my "High Risk Doc"). As my doctor today said- at least we don't need to wonder if the stitch was necessary.

As much as I want to go home, I'm hesitant because we live so far from the hospital and there aren't any high level NICUs (< 32 weeks) near us. And there's that whole pesky fact that I'm one of those people who didn't know they were in labor until it was too far past the point of stopping it. So, I figure by Tuesday we will have already made it more than 2 weeks... I might push for staying the extra 2 weeks until 32 weeks. (Though I've been told that I won't have to push too hard, given my history.)

That aside... the babies are doing great. Baby A (my left) became Baby A a million years ago because he/she was the presenting baby back in the day. Now that has changed and Baby B is presenting which should make him/her Baby A as he/she would be delivered first. But we're keeping the original A & B designation just so as not to confuse anyone. :)

Both A & B are head down. Baby B is wedged pretty tightly and very low. (Just like Connor- Baby A- was last time). B is curled across the top of my stomach to my left. Then Baby A is spooning right under B with his/her head starting right around my belly button and also curling to my left.

The estimates for weights this week are:
Baby A: 3lbs 3oz
Baby B: 3lbs 2oz

I know these can be off (Colby was estimated as 2lbs 6oz at 26 weeks and a week later he was born at 2lbs 3oz) but it's crazy to think that I might have +6lbs of baby in there!!!

Next on the list is Horizontal Easter. Johnny's bringing eggs to hide here in the room. I got Colby a bath toy, 2 books, & a super cute robot toddler backpack with his name on it. Johnny also got Colby Buzz and Woody from Toy Story (I don't know if I have mentioned on here how obsessed he is with Toy Story). I never did get Colby a basket though! I had planned on ordering one from Pottery Barn Kids with his name on it for him to use every year, but between everything that happened it got pushed to the back and when I thought of it, they were all sold out.

Oh well... next year I'll just order 3. EARLY. :)


Susan said...

My vote is for you staying right there in the hospital!!

Leah said...

I am always so happy to get your updates and to hear you are still pregnant! Not that you are asking for opinions, but if being in the hospital is keeping you pregnant longer, than I would stay a little longer. I just keep thinking, the longer you are in the hospital, the least amount of time your babies will be after birth.

Thinking of you this Easter. I'm so sorry that you will be spending it in the hospital, but I can't wait until your holidays are spent with all 3 of your kiddos. :)

Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings said...

I second what Leah wrote... thinking of you w/ your 3 Little Bunnies in your yard brings tears to my eyes!!! Fight to stay put!!! Once you have 3 at home under 2, you will be missing your "horizontal" days!!!


iamstacey said...

You're doing such a great job baking those babies! Can't believe it's 30 weeks already, although I'm sure it seems much longer to you! Since it's gone so well so far, maybe it'd be best just to hang out at the hospital those extra two weeks!

Michele said...

Yay! Your doing great mama!