Wednesday, April 13


I have the belly picture to put up from today (it's a tad ridiculous looking!!) but I haven't uploaded the picture yet. :)

How far along? 28 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: +30ish

Maternity clothes? Only the big comfy ones

Stretch marks? Uh huh.... hard to escape with twins!

Sleep: Usually from midnight to about 6:30... and sometimes an afternoon nap

Best moment this week: Any time I get to see Colby

Movement: Pretty constant- especially during monitoring and doppler times.

Food cravings: I really wanted a Snickers yesterday. :) Other than that... I'm hungry, but I have no snacks or anything here.

Gender: I'm thinking boy and girl still... I'm so excited to find out in a few months!

Labor Signs: Laying around has caused the Braxton Hicks diminish a bit. Now I just deal with the pesky cervix.

Belly Button in or out? Out and getting flatter

What I miss: Bring home with the Buggy Boy

What I am looking forward to: 30 weeks. Then 32 weeks... and on and on!

Weekly Wisdom: Take it easy

Milestones: We hit 28 weeks on Monday!!!


Michele said...

Yay for 28 weeks! Come on 30!!

Carrie said...

OMG! Look at everything I've missed! I am so overjoyed to hear you are expecting twins again and at 28 weeks? YOU GO WITH YOURSELF!!!

I cannot imagine what this journey has been like for you, full of so much joy, and sorrow for Connor. I marvel at your beautiful belly and positive attitude. I can't wait to see how long you go! 36 and beyond, I'll bet!