Saturday, April 23

Bits & Pieces

  • I finally tried to do some blog list updating. Let me know if I missed you!
  • I didn't do a 29 week survey this week because I was tired of always writing the same thing...
  • Today monitoring revealed an absurd number of contractions at 2-5 minutes apart consistently. They were more braxton hicks than anything... but enough to make the nurses and doctors nervous. They wanted to do an internal check but I'm too nervous simply because of how things went with the internal-everything looks perfect-you're going home-oh wait, lets have babies 2 days later last time. The doctor was totally understanding... so instead we wait to see if I have pain or if I bleed from the stitch ripping. Now that I write that... it doesn't seem like the greatest alternative!
  • I made super cute handprint sheep with Colby. I got the idea from here, but it would have totally been better if I finished them BEFORE Easter so I could have given the Grandparents their prints to display for Easter. I guess I just consider it a success that I finished them with Johnny's help!
  • We got Colby a few books, a super cute robot toddler backpack, Buzz & Woody, and a bathtub toy for Easter. I can't wait to hide the eggs in my room tomorrow! I love that little boy more than I can express!


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

I have been reading and loving your frequent posts. I havent been a good cheerleader lately, too wrapped up in my own miracles. I hope you have the best day ever with Colby. And just picture next year..OMG!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Just checking in. All is well?