Monday, July 5

IVF, party, and Colby!

We got the ball rolling for our IVF... kind of.

Yesterday AM I went in for my Day 3 testing- blood and ultrasound.

The ultrasound was interesting because I've always been used to quick checks- lining, left, right, done. But this time the tech did my lining, then my left, then she searched and searched for my right. She couldn't find my right ovary! As she's doing this and saying things like "That's odd." and "Let me check here." I'm thinking "AHHHH They removed an ovary during my C-section!!!!!" She assured me that probably wasn't the case (probably!?!?!?) and pulled out the external ultrasound wand to find my right ovary. It's hanging out somewhere about where my kidney should be! The explained that during pregnancy and especially with c-sections, things can "shift". So, now instead of having a straight uterus, and two happy ovaries hanging out on either side, I'm a little warped. My uterus hangs out to the right, my left ovary is a little lower than usual and my right ovary is out of reach of the typical ultrasound wand. Ha. But I digress because all looked okay.

Blood was fine... 1st try, though it stopped flowing and she had to do a lot of digging to get enough to fill the vial. I got a call yesterday afternoon with my levels... apparently they're not where they would like them to be because I have to go back next month for Day 3 blood again. If it looks good I'll proceed with the birth control pills the same month. If things are still out of whack... well, then I don't know what the protocol will be.

I go in for my sonohysteogram (I know that's spelled wrong, but I'm too lazy to look it up) in the next few days-- I'll schedule it tomorrow. I'm nervous because the HSG sucked SO much, but I'll deal.

Colby&Connor are almost 1 year!
We're planning Colby's party... I like to do things last minute apparently. I had put it off because I was so nervous about hitting 1 year, but I decided to suck it up and deal. We are having it here which is a HUGE help. It will be SUPER crowded and could potentially be miserable if it rains, BUT I'm so happy that I will be here where I am comfortable and where I can know that Connor and his things are just upstairs if I need to go be with them.

I made the invites... I wasn't sure what to write. I didn't want to make them sad and I also couldn't leave out Connor, so I kind of just left them... open to interpretation? I'm not sure. But I like how they came out. And I'm looking forward to a low key day hanging out with some of our favorite people!

Colby is just doing great! He's a world-class crawler and can get wherever he wasn't to get. He's close to going up the stairs I think... I catch him often pulling himself up to the first 2 steps. :) He's not too much of a fan of practice walking, but he is super strong. He's happy to crawl for now. He has 3 teeth now and he has another so close to poking through. He's a total water baby (like his mama!)- he loves to splash in the tub and he went in a big pool over the weekend and he LOVED it. We went up to NH for the weekend and went to a water park at Santa's Village and he loved the fountains and sitting in the water and watching the big kids. He's a complete and total doll. He has a little bit of a cold right now so he's been super cuddly which I love. (But not the sick part!)

Be sure to visit our family blog for lots of picture updates of Colby. ;) I'm too lazy to post things twice!

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Ashley said...

Glad all is well! Can't wait to follow you through this IVF!!