Wednesday, January 20

Their Words

I talked the other day how my cousin's words in my Colby Chronicles book expressed exactly what I want Colby to know about his brother.  Because my cousins wrote them so much better than I did, I thought I'd share them here.   Hopefully they don't mind!

Dear Colby:

As we sit down to write this letter to you, we try and imagine what it will be like for you to read this when you are older.  We could tell you about all of the love that you and Connor were given, how dedicated your Mom and Dad were, how 2009 was probably both the hardest and most wonderful year of their lives.  But you have Aunts and Uncles who can tell you that story much better than we, as they were there through it all.

While we searched the internet, looking for inspiration about something to write, we stumbled across some articles discussing left-handedness in twins.  It's all speculation, but the theory goes that twins, both identical and fraternal, mirror each other in the womb.

What's my point?  My point is that you may not be left-handed, Connor may not have been left-handed, and that really doesn't matter.  You have a twin brother and just because he passed doesn't mean he's gone.  Not only does he watch over you every day, he's a part of you.  He was the first person you ever met, and you two were more alike than you will ever be with any other person in this world.  You can see little pieces of him in you every day.

So the next time you throw a ball, tie your shoes, or write something down, think about Connor.  Think about how he's watching over you, how when he's throwing a ball up in heaven, he throws it just like you -- only backwards.

Love, B, M, & D


Leah said...

What a beautifully written letter. So thoughtful and meaningful.

Michele said...

so sweet

Anonymous said...

no, they don't mind. But man, they really should've gone through a few more drafts!