Tuesday, January 26

Colby's 6 Month Pictures

I've been awful about taking specific "monthly" pictures of Colby.  I've taken pictures every day, but I always had intentions of taking the picture with the signs (6 months: January 19th) but I never seem to do it.  So, finally at 6 months I remembered to at least use blocks.  (Though the idea actually came from Erin and Trevor.)  

Since he was born I've regretted not taking size-proportionate picture of him-- like with my hand or a stuffed animal or something every day (or week or month or whatever).  We went to Carters the other day looking for 3-6 month pjs (my baby is getting so big!) and we stumbled across preemie pjs.  It was so tiny- for babies up to 5lbs.  When Colby was born (and for a few months after) he would have been swimming in it.  Every day I am amazzzzzeeeed by his growth.


Catherine W said...

New to your blog and just catching up. Colby is absolutely gorgeous. I love his smile in the second photo!

Colby's growth has been amazing. I still look at the preemie clothes and get a terrible shock, remembering when they looked massive. x

Shinejil said...

I know the feeling. In fact, it breaks my heart every time I look at the tiny little preemie outfits Bruiser had on at first. It's just amazing how they can put on the chub and become what feels like giants compared to their former selves.

You should give yourself a big hug and pat on the back for helping Colby thrive! What a guy smilie!

Michele said...

We were in carter's yestrerday and I saw outfits that each of them wore in the NICU, when they were first born, and the outfits were HUGE. Looking at them yesterday (as I bough 3m for Maya and 6m clothes for Bobby), they were oh so tiny... It's amazing how much time has gone by and how our babies have grown.